Sunday, August 29, 2010

Step 1: Make sure you have a case before you file a lawsuit.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports:
"The University of Notre Dame, defending itself in a lawsuit over its decision to fire a tenured engineering professor, Oliver M. Collins, has asserted in court documents that Mr. Collins used more than $190,000 in research grant money and university resources to buy unauthorized equipment, including digital cameras he used to take pornographic pictures."

A commenter on the Chronicle's blog summed it up nicely:
"If you're going to sue your employer for wrongful termination you need to be aware that the employer's defense will become public information. What was this guy thinking?"


  1. What was he thinking? ? ?

    He should be more concerned about hiring a divorce attorney than an attorney to sue his employer.

  2. He may be "educated" but he's not very "smart".