Thursday, October 21, 2010

Typos Gone Wild

There must be cannabis in the's another post about marijuana.

Every summer, the California Library Association organizes a Summer Reading Program for all of the public libraries in the state to implement. The idea is to keep kids reading and learning over the summer vacation. They have already issued the manuals for the 2011 Summer Reading Program, which will focus on "Travel and World Cultures." Unfortunately, there was a typo in the Children's Manual. Under "Books to Share," it lists "De Colores...La Ganja / The Farm"

It is supposed to be granja ("farm" in Spanish), but the 'r' is missing. Instead, it refers to ganja, a.k.a. marijuana. Oh well, maybe it's a Freudian slip. After all, there is a proposition on the ballot in California to legalize cannabis. So maybe the kids can learn about hemp farms. It might make a good summer job, perfect for the Summer Reading Program.

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  1. You might as well get them started at a young age. . .