Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Isn't it strange how a recession can actually provide new job opportunities?

The bad economy has been "taking its toll on romance," and divorces are up in Japan. So an enterprising man named Hiroki Terai found a new calling in life: divorce ceremony planner. He organizes divorce ceremonies where couples can publicly end their relationship by smashing their wedding ring in front of family and friends before officially filing for divorce. Mr. Terai says, "I started this ceremony in April last year thinking that there should be a positive way to end a marriage and move on by making a vow to restart their lives in front of loved ones."

The sentiment is apparently not limited to Japan. Divorce cakes have become popular in the U.S. See this link for some pictures of divorce cakes.

I happen to have attended an "Unwedding Party" recently for a friend who was celebrating the day that her divorce was final. It was complete with cake, food, flowers and a special dress.

Question: What does it mean if you catch the bouquet at a divorce party?


  1. And they say money can't buy love?

  2. Money may not buy love, but a lack of money can bring contention.