Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More strange names

Nominative Determinism:
Nominative Determinism: We hope not.
  • Surname: Belcher. Here's a website proudly stating that Belcher means "good cheer." Hey, whatever makes you happy.
  • Surname: Fink. As in Stephen Fink of Fink Inc.
  • Surname: Kostic. See the Kostic Family Site. My family was caustic, too, we just spelled it differently.
  • Surname: Mulder. Sounds like moulder (verb: to rot and decay)
Nominative Onomatopoeia 
  • Surname: Pitui. How do you pronounce that?
Lost in translation. These Vietnamese given names don't translate well into English:
Bad surnames:
  • Ciccocioppo. It looks like they were limited to the number of letters they had to work with, so they made the name really long to compensate for this shortcoming. It's the surname version of a comb-over.
  • Mudd. Remember when your mom said, "Get in here right now, or your  name is Mud!"
  • Lajiness. Change just one letter, and you have Laziness. That's not going to look good on a job application.

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  1. Check out the Kostic Family Web site. Did you notice the tab for "Lisa's Kitchen". At least they didn't call it the "Kostic Kitchen" or "Lisa's Kostic Cooking" or "Kostic Recipes".