Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Strange products

You've heard of a paper shredder, but this is a hand shredder. Often used by the mafia when they want to remove fingers.


Just kidding, it's a hand-operated paper shredder. And, it was seen on TV! Oops, no, it is just "Similar to items seen on TV."

OK, now that I have made fun of the paper shredder, I have to say that it is actually a good little shredder. I like that it is manually operated (instead of electric) because I think it is safer to have in a household that has kids. Also, the blades are hidden, making it difficult (but, I'm sure, not impossible) for a child to hurt himself. Yes, "himself"...girls wouldn't stick their fingers in a paper shredder. The death-and-destruction gene is on the Y chromosome.


  1. It must be located near the Manpain gene. http://fanlore.org/wiki/Image:Mainpain_chart_walkingshadow.jpg

  2. I am familiar with the "As seen on TV" tag, but I have never seen the "As similar to seen on TV" tag.

    Is the manufacturer simply too cheap for a low-budget commercial or was the product just too ridiculous to even demonstrate on TV?

    If I order now, will they throw in a free set of Ginsu knives?

  3. I surely hope the blades are well hidden. If one was to get a finger(s) into the blade, can you imagine trying to use the other hand to crank the handle in the opposite direction to free the entrapped/shredded finger(s).

  4. Yes, the death and destruction gene is the reason women have a longer life expectancy than men.

  5. Maybe they need a red tag on the box that reads "As used by the mafia".