Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don't some people have strange names?

Today we look at some strange surnames, and sympathize with their owners:

Ryno - I hope big noses don't run in the family.
Crumbley - Are you falling apart?
Lyssiotis - Sounds like some kind of disease.
Hurt - Don't become a dentist!
Wacker - I'm sure a judge would let you change that.
Bright - Now, I could go for that name.

The real shame is when some people hoard all the vowels, for example:

  • Totokotsopoulos 
  • Kaanaana
  • Kaialiilii (Hawaiians are especially wasteful with the vowels)
  • Ioannou

They could have shared with the vowel-deprived people named:

  • Ng
  • Grbic
  • Chzov
  • Bytchkov
  • Hrghllmrn
  • Chtgheglovski
Yes, these are all real surnames. Do you have a strange name? If so, share it in the comments. If not, be grateful.


  1. What's in a name? Well here in Nevada we have some fun names in the news with political campaigns. Dr. Joe Heck is running for Congress, see We also Have Dean Heller running for election as well,

    The economy in Nevada has gone to h*!! and so have the politicians. So let's give them Heck and Heller and see if we can get this mess straightened out.

  2. Speaking of last names, I went to college with a guy whose last name was Fuchs. I'm sure that was good for a laugh or two.

    And in the small town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, there is a local doctor (internal medicine), Dr. Butcher. (Now that instills a vote of confience, eh?)