Monday, July 12, 2010

Practice What You Preach

College professors like to complain that their students copy the content of their papers off of the Internet. Plagiarism has become a major problem in higher education. To answer the need for plagiarism-detection, a company called iParadigms created software called Turnitin, which compares student papers with a database of 130 million previously-submitted student papers, 13.5 billion web pages, and 90,000 journals and books.

Now, iParadigms has found a new market for its "originality checking" software. They have come out with a new product called CrossCheck to see if professors are plagiarizing. Scholarly journal publishers are using CrossCheck to detect plagiarism in manuscripts. One journal had to reject 23% of the papers it received due to plagiarism. Yikes! Our tax dollars are funding these "scholars."

Disclaimer: This blog always links to sources, not just to avoid plagiarism, but also because we don't think you'd believe most of what we post if we didn't provide a link to the evidence!

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  1. Maybe the problem is that we need to study new topics. I mean how many original works can be created around a single topic or idea?