Monday, July 12, 2010

Royalty: A Recession-Proof Occupation

In this recession, even the British Royal Family has to tighten its belt. However, Parliament member Edward Leigh says that the Royal Family provides an excellent return-on-investment, even in this economy. Leigh says, "Compared with the gross waste in the public sector, this is small stuff. The Queen is a lot cheaper than tedious republics like Germany. Her boost to tourism, to tradition, to heritage, to the country, is enormous. There is no doubt that the Royal family provides excellent value for money."

In fact, each British taxpayer pays only 62 pence ($0.91 in US Dollars) to support the Queen for a whole year. Sounds like a good deal to me. Now I just need to convince Americans that a figurehead monarchy could do for the U.S. economy what Queen Elizabeth does for the U.K. If everyone in the U.S. contributed 91 cents per year, I'm sure I could provide plenty of economy-boosting pomp and pageantry on the $281.8 million per year. Where do I sign up?

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