Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rejected License Plates

We've seen that there is not much off-limits when it comes to naming your child in the United States. You can name your child Aryan Nation. However, the DMV is much stricter about what you can put on a personalized license plate.

Here are some license plates that have been rejected in the US:
  • ARYAN (You can name your kid Aryan, but you can't put it on your if the car is going to get teased on the playground.)
  • GO POSTAL (Hey, maybe they were just advertising for the USPS)
  • PACKN1 (apparently a member of the NRA)
  • GWBUSH (no impersonating the president)
  • REDRUM (murder backwards--who at the DMV figures these out?)
  • IHAV2P (where's a rest stop when you need one?)
  • IPOOPD (did we need to know that?)
  • IAMHIGH (are you sure you want the cops to know?)
  • KLN4U (no advertising your hitman services)
  • H8VICK (no dissing Michael Vick)
  • TBAGGER (no announcing that you are a member of the Tea Party)


1 comment:

  1. The DMV employees have been hard at work deciphering creative spelling/abbreviations long before text messaging began.